sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

Frogger IRL, LOL

Frogger 3DA rendition of the accident. Wikipedia
CLEMSON, S.C. – A man has been hospitalized after police in South Carolina say he was hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the video game Frogger.
Authorities said the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Anderson after he was struck at around 9 p.m. Monday.
In the Frogger arcade game, players move frogs through traffic on a busy road and through a hazard-filled river. Before he was hit, police say the man had been discussing the game with his friends.
Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled "go" and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway.
No charges are expected against the driver. The name of the man who was struck has not been released. He was in stable condition Monday night.
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  1. Why did they rescue someone this stupid?

  2. What. I cannot believe how... oh wait. Yeah, I can believe that there are people stupid enough to do this.