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More or less, this is the tape of the tale:
Obvious trap is obvious
Girl met boy, they arrange a weedding, they don't consumated their union because religious issues of him, and then...

A woman in India, Minati Khatua, 26, disappointed extraordinary. After living for a year with her “husband” finally proved his suspicions, the husband that have been married is woman.

Minati and his family feel very cheated by Sitakant Routray, 28 years, women who claimed to be a man and then marry Minati. “He’s very good at taking care of all members of my family, so they all agree he’s married to me,” said Minati as quoted from page Annanova yesterday.

Such as weddings in general in India, claiming Sitakant men get various dowry, including cars, gold jewelry and cash of about 350 pounds.

After marriage, Minati suspicious, because Sitakant always avoid physical contact including related as husband and wife. He always reasoned undergoing religious rituals and vow to not having sex. “I always try and unpack that he was a man, but failed many times,” she said.

One day, Minati determined to uncover the secrets the “husband”, when he was in the shower, Minati forcibly dismantle the bathroom door. “What was feared has been proved, she is a woman,” said Minati.

Interested in this case was immediately reported to the police because they feel cheated. Inspector Jyotimarya Hota confirmed police were dealing with this fraud case.
Too bad gurl, too bad.

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