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More or less, this is the tape of the tale:
Obvious trap is obvious
Girl met boy, they arrange a weedding, they don't consumated their union because religious issues of him, and then...

A woman in India, Minati Khatua, 26, disappointed extraordinary. After living for a year with her “husband” finally proved his suspicions, the husband that have been married is woman.

Minati and his family feel very cheated by Sitakant Routray, 28 years, women who claimed to be a man and then marry Minati. “He’s very good at taking care of all members of my family, so they all agree he’s married to me,” said Minati as quoted from page Annanova yesterday.

Such as weddings in general in India, claiming Sitakant men get various dowry, including cars, gold jewelry and cash of about 350 pounds.

After marriage, Minati suspicious, because Sitakant always avoid physical contact including related as husband and wife. He always reasoned undergoing religious rituals and vow to not having sex. “I always try and unpack that he was a man, but failed many times,” she said.

One day, Minati determined to uncover the secrets the “husband”, when he was in the shower, Minati forcibly dismantle the bathroom door. “What was feared has been proved, she is a woman,” said Minati.

Interested in this case was immediately reported to the police because they feel cheated. Inspector Jyotimarya Hota confirmed police were dealing with this fraud case.
Too bad gurl, too bad.

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martes, 21 de diciembre de 2010

Crocodiles also mate in war times

<--- These guys reported about party animals in a very hot place on earth.

Sonic booms created by Israeli warplanes speeding across the sky are having the unintended consequence of launching hibernating crocodiles into mating mode, the daily Maariv reported on Sunday.
According to the newspaper, each time warplanes break the sound barrier over a crocodile breeding farm in the Golan Heights, the randy reptiles begin emitting their ritual mating cry.
"The powerful squealing noises, reminiscent of the sound of a car braking, can be heard from hundreds of metres (yards) around," David Golan, head of crocodile breeding at the Hamat Gader park, told Maariv.
The calls appeared to be a response to the sonic booms, which seemed to convince the crocodiles that other males had begun making mating signals, the newspaper said.
There are around 100 crocodiles at the park, which is underneath airspace used by the Israeli air force for training runs.
A population boom is not expected, however, because the male crocs are all bark and no bite.
Despite issuing their signature mating calls when the planes break the sound barrier, there has been no uptick in actual breeding -- and the "official" mating season does not begin until the summer.

The moar you know...
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viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Shitty art

That's right!
China: what’s going on there? It’ not weird anymore see this kind of extreme art, but check how the situation turns ridiculous when the Chinese government got involved:
Zhu Cheng, one of China's most famous and talented sculptors, has helped nine of his art students to create a replica of Venus de Milo out of excrements.
Now, I know we've had quite a few strange art mediums here at Oddity Central, from garbage to chewing gum, but excrement has to be the weirdest one yet, by a long shot. Zhu Cheng helped and direct a team of nine art students to recreate the Venus de Milo statue out of feces. Now, the source doesn't actually specify if we're talking about animal or human excrements, but I'm pretty sure it's the last one…A symbol of beauty created from something so disgusting, the idea is pretty cool, but I can't help but be grossed out by the thought of having to mold feces into a statue with your hands.
And you can see in the photos, the excrement-made Venus de Milo is encased in a transparent box, to protect it, and make sure the smell of crap doesn't drive everyone away from the exhibition at Henan Art Museum in Zhengzhou city, China.
But the most unbelievable thing about this "shity" statue of Venus de Milo is that it was actually bought by a Swiss art collector, for a staggering 300,000 yuan ($ 45,113).
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The Loneliness of the Panguro Pilipino

BENIGNO AQUINOHe knew it...Meet Benigno Aquino III, this guy is the new president of Philippines and, since he is not married, the most hunted bachellor there, but he has this problem:
he Associated Press
Saturday, December 4, 2010; 7:08 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippines' bachelor president has appealed for privacy, saying journalists' prying eyes are ruining his love life.
President Benigno Aquino III has been linked to several women since he broke up with girlfriend Shalani Soledad in October. One was his stylist. On Friday, The Philippine Star had a front-page picture of him with a stockbroker said to be his new romantic interest.
The 50-year-old Aquino says he will be spending Christmas without a date because women are scared to go out with him for fear of ending up in the newspaper headlines.
He says it's difficult to woo a woman with the whole nation watching, and joked with reporters that it will "be on your conscience" if another prospective girlfriend stays away.
Mandatory pic is mandatory

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