sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

Nothing to add

Why should I?

(New York, NY)  --  The founder of WikiLeaks says he enjoys seeing banks on edge, thinking they may be the next targets of his website.
In an interview on CBS TV's "60 Minutes," Julian Assange says, quote, "I think its great. We have all these banks squirming, thinking maybe it's them."  CBS released a partial transcipt ahead of Sunday's broadcast of the interview.
Assange has published U.S. diplomatic and military secrets. He told "60 Minutes" that he expects U.S. retaliation but that the American government is incapable of taking down his website.
Assange talked with "60 Minutes" reporter Steve Kroft who spent two days with him on the grounds of the private residence in England where he is under house arrest.
Assange is trying to block attempts to extradite him to Sweden to answer allegations of sexual assault.
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martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Super Mobile City Åndalsnes

According to this, a construction firm named Jagnefält Milton plans to move a whole city –Åndalsnes- to another place because they denizens have a very nasty winter.
This project didn’t win the contest about what to do with Åndalsnes, but amazed its people (population: around 2 200 inhabitants). The plan consist in houses being moved on railways to a less vulnerable place, nice for them.
The idea in a nutshell
The idea in a nutshell.

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lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Rednecks issues

EAST DUBLIN, GEORGIA - JULY 11: L-Bow shows co...Hurr Hurr Hurr Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThat's right, pals.

According BayNews9.com at St. Petersburg, Joe Capes and Ronald Richards, denizen of the fancy trailer-park named Safety Harbor, Florida, were fighting each other when the sheriff's deputies arrived to the place and removed Capes for assaulting Richards.

Why this righteous pair were bitterly feuded? Because they're arguing over whether the late country singer Conway Twitty was gay. [
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jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Fail through the win

No caption needed
As you probably know it, Australia suffers the worst floods in XX years, yeah? Well a couple –both 19 years old- was in trouble when the Yarra River (this is Victoria, close to Melbourne) rolls on them. In their hazardous situation they used a blow-up doll that, how great is God, they had on hand as a flotation device.
They were rescued.
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sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

USA guys, WTF?

Honestly, why you're letting your country burns pointlessly?

Some time ago, I read about this trend: Dumb people are prompter to have babies (and tend to have more) than smart people.

Soon USA will be Latin America and Europe, Eurabia.

Enjoy the Pic.

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viernes, 14 de enero de 2011


7,92mm Mauser Bullet, scaledNeed a handker? Image via WikipediaAccording to the UK Independent, Donnie Darco Sangermano, 28, was accidentally shot during a New Year's Eve party in Naples as he celebrated with his girlfriend. The bullet entered his head through his temple, breaking the temporal bone and passing behind his eye, before coming to rest in his nose.While waiting to see a doctor, the bullet popped out of his right nostril.

Doctors operated on Mr. Sangermano's nose to remove bone fragments and stitched his wounds. He is also to undergo surgery on his eye to repair a damaged retina.

"This is a very strange case and the first of its kind that I am aware of, certainly in Italy," Professor Sid Berrone, who saw Mr Sangermano, told the newspaper.

"He was a very lucky man. He could easily have been killed."

While this is, indeed, a New Year's Miracle, let's not get all cavalier about guns.

Especially since the sales of the Glock 19, the gun Loughner is said to have used, have been skyrocketing.

Anyway, Donnie is pretty cool guy, eh sneezes bullet and doesn't afraid of anything.

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martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Two posts in a day?

When we have the Darwins Awards and this new... why not?

(CBS/AP) What a quack!

A Pennsylvania woman who claims Donald Duck groped her at Disney's Epcot theme park can have her day in court, a federal judge has ruled.

April Magolon, 27, claims that the character grabbed her breast as she held her child at the Walt Disney World park. Then the wacky duck had the gall to joke about it, she says.

Magalon says the encounter caused post-traumatic stress in the form of nightmares, digestive problems and other permanent injuries.

Court documents show that the mother also charged that there is a history of fondling complaints against Disney park workers, saying that the giant entertainment company has "condoned" their actions.

Her suit was filed in Pennsylvania, where Disney attorneys argued that the lawsuit either be dismissed or moved to Florida, where the encounter took place.

But U.S. District Judge John R. Padova refused, saying Magolon can proceed in Pennsylvania.

"She, her fiance (who was a witness to the alleged assault), and her treating doctors are all located in Pennsylvania," Padova wrote in a Dec. 29 ruling.

Disney also has greater resources to try the case in Pennsylvania than Magolon does to try it in Florida, he said.

Magolon does not have a listed phone number, and her lawyer did not immediately return the Associated Press' calls for comment Monday on the ruling. Disney will comment only through the court proceedings, Walt Disney World spokeswoman Andrea Finger said.
The moral of this is: 

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And the Darwin goes to South Korea

A man who rammed his wheelchair in anger through lift doors before plunging to his death down the shaft tops the 2010 Darwin Awards.

Footage of the horrific demise of the man in a shopping centre in Daejon, South Korea, in August generated more than 100,000 hits on YouTube.

He missed the lift by seconds and tried three times to smash metal doors before vanishing.

The 40 year old took top spot in the dubious honours, which for 25 years have rewarded acts of "sublime stupidity" around the world.

Also among last year's entries were an amorous Brazilian couple who stopped their car in the outside lane of a major motorway between Sao Paulo and Rio during heavy fog. The lovers died when their vehicle was crushed by a cargo truck.

Founder of the Darwin Awards Wendy Northcutt, said: "They honour people who ensure the survival of the human race by removing themselves in idiotic fashion."

Congratulations for all of them!
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sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

Frogger IRL, LOL

Frogger 3DA rendition of the accident. Wikipedia
CLEMSON, S.C. – A man has been hospitalized after police in South Carolina say he was hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the video game Frogger.
Authorities said the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Anderson after he was struck at around 9 p.m. Monday.
In the Frogger arcade game, players move frogs through traffic on a busy road and through a hazard-filled river. Before he was hit, police say the man had been discussing the game with his friends.
Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled "go" and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway.
No charges are expected against the driver. The name of the man who was struck has not been released. He was in stable condition Monday night.
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