sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Be careful about your pranks

An unsuccessful troll named Matthew Wade Douglas Jr. was pwned all the way by The Man in this fashion:

The unsuccessful troll make some calls to the 911claiming that, althought he took  hard sex in a large quantity from his girlfriend, he couldn't relax his tool because of the massive amount of viagra that he do and gave the direction of his XGF.

The emergency services arrived to the exgirlfriend's home and she obviously didn't have an idea of what happen, but then one of the paramedicals asked for a record of the prank call, she listen it and recognised her not-so-beloved ex's voice.

You can figure it out the rest.
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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

This explain a lot of things

Pivo PazolstaУра Товарищ! Image by LostBob Photos via FlickrI stole it shamelessly from Teh Daily Telegraph, and I quote:
Beer to be classified as alcohol for first time in Russia.
Since this spring has arrived in a very warm fashion, I fell some envy of the russians because... man, can you imagine a massive country where beer is was a special sort of beverage just like colas, teas and cool coffees?  

The whole articule is over here >>.
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miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Take this you evil blogger!

The site of the ALC's former headquarters now ...It would be a great idea get the paypal count of this blogger to make some donations and avoid this grim destiny for him  WikipediaDamn guises, this weeks were like hell over here, but at least we have chicken we're not laying on Libya or Japan, so lets began.

According with some friends of mine, this world is even more close to the total destruction since a blogger is guilty because he told the true.

The blogger, named Johnny Northside Hoff, wrote on his blog about guy named Jerry Moore and linked him in a "high-profile mortgage fraud". Due to this post Jerry got fired and then he sued Johnny, a Jury in Hennepin County agree with Jerry and now Johnny owe 35k bucks for lost wages and $25k bucks for emotional distress.  (The Heck...!)

Note that the blogger had evidence of his accusations and could prove his statements, but this Jury was more concerned about the mental health of Jerry.

Guises, this world is running out of luck, specially the States. :/

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