viernes, 14 de enero de 2011


7,92mm Mauser Bullet, scaledNeed a handker? Image via WikipediaAccording to the UK Independent, Donnie Darco Sangermano, 28, was accidentally shot during a New Year's Eve party in Naples as he celebrated with his girlfriend. The bullet entered his head through his temple, breaking the temporal bone and passing behind his eye, before coming to rest in his nose.While waiting to see a doctor, the bullet popped out of his right nostril.

Doctors operated on Mr. Sangermano's nose to remove bone fragments and stitched his wounds. He is also to undergo surgery on his eye to repair a damaged retina.

"This is a very strange case and the first of its kind that I am aware of, certainly in Italy," Professor Sid Berrone, who saw Mr Sangermano, told the newspaper.

"He was a very lucky man. He could easily have been killed."

While this is, indeed, a New Year's Miracle, let's not get all cavalier about guns.

Especially since the sales of the Glock 19, the gun Loughner is said to have used, have been skyrocketing.

Anyway, Donnie is pretty cool guy, eh sneezes bullet and doesn't afraid of anything.

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  1. Oh Donnie, don't you know you're Unbreakable?

  2. Luckily, his brain absorbed the impact before the bullet reached his nose.