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Burger King being Burger King

A close up shot of the Buck Double, a cheesebu...Yummy WikipediaWhat do you expect from a fast food parlor? More or less this:

Sacramento, Nov 18 (THAINDIAN NEWS) A man was stunned to the core when he had a “F*** you” instead of the usual “Thank you” on his Burger King. The degrading words did appear twice on the bill and the man, Francisco Perez expressed his disgust for those words.
Perez went to the Sacramento drive thru for the cheeseburger and ended up spending some $9.22 on food and drinks at the eatery. He realized that something was wrong when he saw the words “F*** you’ at where the customer number should have been. Perez revealed later that he was embarrassed by the whole episode and claimed that he did nothing to provoke the workers at the place.
A rep of Burger King called Perez on late Wednesday and offered him vouchers for free food at their various restaurants. Perez however indicated that he refused the gesture. He indicated that he might not eat at the Burger King again and was considering taking legal action against the restaurant for the humiliation. He did not indicate if the company acknowledged responsibility for the incident. It seems the company believes that the incident was caused by group of employees.
Burger King has dismissed several of its staff for the incident.
Enjoy teh whopper, faggits X)
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  1. Wow, I always knew there was something wrong with the Burger King...he is creepy.

  2. 'Thank you for eating at BK and F-k you' haha wow.