miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

Hai der

One of the scenes involving the Sherpas speaki...I fucking did it, man Image via WikipediaGreetings, as you can see, this is our new project, an english version of our beloveng

Mоcтренко Системные Новости.

 No, we not rusians,  we're mexicans for your dismay, we also loves the WTF, cats -in fact some works in this News System-ye olde lolz and of course the other people's misfortunes.   We also belive that trolling is an art and the internets gave us the ultimate opportuny to expand our wicked nature.
Enjoy your visit good sir or lovely madam. We're here for your amusement.
Don't forget visit our spanish site if you undestand our native language.
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