jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

The late husband said he’ll be back

The Walking Dead on San Diego

Looks like don Lucio will have a BBQ on his place. Image by {El Gris} via Flickr

At least don Lucio Yacue said that to his wife, doña Alba señora de Yacue, when he died at the tender age of 61, doña Alba then prepared everything for his come back didn’t bury him, she just told to a local funeral parlor that she wanted a very private burial ceremony at her garden, but already she only wrapped the corpse with some bed sheets and sat down waiting for the arrival of her husband.

But he does not come back, the decaying body of don Lucio start to expel a sweet odor, the whole block storm into a complaining mass on it, some people of the government arrived to the Yacue home and the rest is history.

The drama happen at the small town of La Umbría, Colombia.   

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